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    At The Hayes Law Firm, PLC., we know that a serious accident caused by the negligent, reckless or intentional conduct of another can change everything. In dealing with car accident matters, your life, your job, and even your future may be irreparably altered. At The Hayes Law Firm, PLC., we are here to serve your best interests. Your car accident situation is very important and needs to be resolved. Even upon recovery, your health and the lifestyle to which you have become accustomed may never return. If you live in or near the LaPlace area, we are here to assist you.

    At The Hayes Law Firm, PLC., we hold our ability to provide dedicated and passionate service to the highest degree. Our main focus for the past 5 years has been helping those of the LaPlace area looking for compensation, and bringing them deserved representation in their car accident case. We know how to deal with insurance companies in the LaPlace area. Let us handle your car accident case and give you peace of mind. 

    If you are reeling in from a traumatic experience in the LaPlace area, such as a car accident or wrongful death, you need the legal guidance of The Hayes Law Firm, PLC.. We devote our 5 years of experience to work for you in handling expenses brought on by the injury. Car accident cases are unique, but crucial in helping victims get back on their feet. The Hayes Law Firm, PLC. makes sure you have a shoulder on which to lean throughout the process. 

    Call our office at The Hayes Law Firm, PLC. for a chance at compensation today!

    car accident matters can cause great pains, but financial pain shouldn’t be expected. If you are from the LaPlace area and have suffered an incident involving car accident matters, be sure to call us at The Hayes Law Firm, PLC. for a proper chance at compensation.

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